7 Top Filipino Restaurants in Chicago

You might want to get away from the usual Chinese or pizza delivery that comes into your home every week as we approach winter in Chicago. We have compiled a list of Chicago’s best Filipino restaurants.


Isla, Chicago’s trendy food hall Urban Space, is centrally located in the Loop. They’re known for their classic dishes, but have a smaller menu. You can find delicious Filipino food in Chicago, such as Chicken Adobo or Lumpia. This restaurant’s menu will make you forget about all the stress and focus on the delicious flavors of garlic, soy sauce and scallions. You’ll be a big hit with your taste buds and your sanity.


Kubo Chicago offers a wide range of Filipino favorites, including Kansi Soup, Pancit, Pork Ribs Adobo and Pancit. The great food, excellent service and amazing patio seating make this a place where people will talk about for hours. Bonus? They offer Kamayan dining, which is a way to eat with your hands during non-Covid hours. You can do a favor to your inner child by treating yourself to delicious food without any silverware.

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Wicker Park is known for its delicious food, so we had to mention Cebu. Three siblings from Cebu, Phillipines started the restaurant. You’re guaranteed to find delicious and authentic dishes. This destination is a popular choice for Filipino restaurants in Chicago. It offers shareable plates, classic dishes and craft cocktails. Don’t miss their happy hour and brunch! You can get bottomless mimosas or a Longganisa breakfast hamburger. I’m there.


Event? Lunch for work? You want to WOW your family with something new and different when they come over for dinner. Pig and fire is your place. This Filipino-fusion restaurant perfectly blends traditional Filipino food with modern flavors in Garfield Park. Their catering menu will satisfy your hunger and keep you coming back for more. People love the Ube Chocolate Chip Cookies, which are available by the dozen. If I ask a friend to order 20, can they send me 20?


Esquire named Kasama one of the Top New Restaurants in 2021. This is the place to go if you want a Filipino breakfast or a unique dinner. You’ll always find something new on their sample menu. Kasama can be ordered for delivery or take-out.

Sarrap Filipino Food and BYOB

This is a bit west of the city. Let me tell you why. Quick, delicious food? Check. BYOB? Yup. You have a perfect menu and a friendly staff. You got it. Sarrap has it. This is the place for you if you are looking for a quick and delicious meal that’s not the same as the fast-food restaurants on every corner (I’m avoiding naming names), or just a place to relax with a glass of wine and a good meal. If you’re interested, I will be serving pork Kare-Kare and a box of Pinot Noir.


Subo is located north-west from Wrigley and gained its popularity due to their large portions and delicious meals. Subo is often compared to home-cooking as they offer a wide variety of dishes to satisfy every appetite. The menu includes amazing options like the Pancit Noodle Bowl and BBQ Skewers. You will be grateful later for getting all three.

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