SUPERFIRE: One Of The Best Tactical Flashlights On The Market

With the growing popularity of tactical flashlights and their uses, companies have been scrambling to make sure they are producing some of the best quality products out there. One company that has been doing so is SUPERFIRE. Read on for a breakdown of the company and what makes them one of the best.

What is a Military Tactical Flashlight?

The military tactical flashlight has strong light, which can be lit instantly. The X60-T is SUPERFIRE’s best selling flashlight. SUPERFIRE military tactical LED flashlight stands out among many competitors in terms of its high performance and strong tactical deployment. Considering the lighting needs of different environments, this high power torch light is designed with multi-mode lighting of different intensities  (Low>Middle>High>Strobe>SOS) and also X60-T is zoomable to meet different scenarios. Thus, it can be used as a military tactical flashlight, but also as an EDC flashlight. Perfect for police, emergencies, power bank, vehicle accessories, etc., our X60-T tactical flashlight can deliver stable and powerful lighting for various situations.

With a compact and pocket-size (15.8*4.1cm)  design, SUPERFIRE X60-T tactical LED flashlight is easy to carry outside. Its lighting distance is up to 300 meters. Besides, our X60-T tactical flashlight comes with aluminum alloy and high toughness, which can be verified in the videos: Rolling Test by Truck on the Flashlight. You’ll be surprised by the premium quality.


Here are some of the benefits of having a SUPERFIRE flashlight:

-Lithium battery:all our batteries passed the UN38.3 test, stored for 6 hours under the test temperature of -40~72℃, and have no leakage, no deflation, no disassembly, and no rupture.

-Low-pressure shutdown:the circuit will be automatically shut down when the flashlight voltage value is lower than the preset start value.

-Anti-reverse connection: in order to protect the battery and the circuit, we have designed an anti-reverse connection protection circuit for the power supply.

-USB charge:X60-T flashlight can be fully charged in 4 hours by USB.

-Charging indicator:when the flashlight is charging, the indicator light is red, and green or blue when fully charged.

-Over-discharge prevention:the protection board will prevent the discharge when the battery voltage is lower than the over-discharge detection voltage threshold.

-Anti-overcharge:the control circuit of the lithium battery will be automatically cut off when the battery is overcharged.


If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile tactical flashlight, SUPERFIRE is worth your consideration.

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