Factors About Brass Valves Need To Know

Many factors such as sealing performance, flow medium, opening and closing force and opening and closing torque, opening and closing speed, action sensitivity and dependability, and service life—will be used to evaluate the primary technical performance of brass valves. Hoping this article on brass valves will be useful to you.

Sealing performance is a valve’s ability to prevent medium leakage—performance index for brass valves. Brass valves have three sealing positions: opening and closing portions and the valve seat’s two sealing surfaces; packing, valve stem, and stuffing box; and valve body and bonnet. Internal leakage or slack closure impairs the brass valve’s shutoff ability. Valve shutoffs can’t leak. The last two leaks are external, meaning medium seeps out of the valve. Leaks generate waste, pollution, and accidents. The brass valve must seal adequately for flammable, explosive, hazardous, or radioactive media.

After passing through the brass valve, pressure drops (the pressure differential before and after the brass valve), and the medium utilizes energy to overcome the brass valve’s resistance. Brass valves must have little flow resistance to conserve energy.

The brass valve opens and closes with force and torque. The opening, closing, and seat sealing surfaces must create a seal when closing the brass valve. It must also overcome the valve stem’s packing, thread, and support. Frictional components need a certain closing force and torque. Brass valve opening and closing force and torque vary, with the largest value at the final or initial opening moment. Brass valves should close with less effort and torque.

In seconds, the brass valve opens and closes. Brass valves must open and close quickly in certain conditions. Some need quick opening or closing to prevent accidents; others require slow closure to prevent water hammers. Consider these variables while selecting a brass valve.

The brass valve’s media sensitivity. Brass throttle, pressure-lowering, regulating, and safety valves and traps must be sensitive and reliable.

Durability is an important performance parameter and economic indicator. It’s usually expressed as the number of openings and closings or use time.

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