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Fixed focal lenses are crucial because they offer the best results in most situations. This blog entry explains this lens’s features.


Fixed focal lenses remain at their focal length when focused. This means the lens’ focal point will always be the same distance from the camera’s sensor. Fixed focal lenses produce a more realistic image when focusing on close objects, making them ideal for close-ups and portraits.

What are the features of fixed focal lenses?

  1. The fixed focal lens or standard lens is often larger than the zoom lens covering the same focal length. Wide-angle and fixed focal lenses often have an aperture above 2.8, which allows in a lot of light and is helpful for low-light photography.
  2. When employing the same focal length, the fixed focal lens’s closest focusing distance is often closer than that of the zoom lens. For wide-angle lenses, in particular, the lowest focusing distance is advantageous since it enables you to go up close to the subject and take a wide-angle picture. Due to their enormous apertures, they may also be able to produce wide-angle background blur effects that are hard to achieve with zoom wide-angle lenses.

Why pick YTOT?

Reputable optical lens manufacturer YTOT in China concentrates on the R&D, development, marketing, and after-sales support of optical lenses, including fixed focal lenses. In high-precision optical systems for security, smart homes, commerce, transportation, and other purposes, the majority of items are employed.

Check out YTOT if you’re looking for a reliable fixed-focus lens at a reasonable price. There are many affordable items available on this website. Additionally, their things arrive so promptly because of their fantastic delivery times! The team provides excellent customer service; they are always willing to assist and will go above and above to ensure your satisfaction.

The business has received accreditation for its intellectual property management system, IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IECQ-QC080000 standards. The goods meet ROHS and REACH requirements and have passed CE and WEEE tests. The UA3P surface type inspection, high and low-temperature test, light inspection, MTF examination, and other multi-channel inspection products guarantee reliable product quality.


Since 2001, YTOT Lens has dominated the optical lens industry. If you’re looking for high-quality fixed focal lens manufacturers, consider YTOT.

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