Vertical Online Trade Platform for API: Pharma Sources

As a vertical e-commerce online platform for the pharmaceutical supplier, Pharma sources has recently been relaunched and renovated from its previous incarnation as

Foreseen in Future API Industry

This change comes after more than ten years of driving industry progress. Its mission is to supply services to more than 145,000 active members located in 211 different countries and areas, and it is committed to providing information about high-quality products and suppliers for clients all over the world.

Pharma sources are unrelenting in our quest for the resource integration of the whole supply chain for this industry as well as the construction of an international trade platform that will connect buyers from around the world with reputable vendors. In the pharmaceutical business, Pharma sources are pumped up and motivated to make trading simple, to provide vital insights, and to host events of the highest caliber.


Becoming a Supplier Member of Pharma sources will unquestionably raise the visibility of your company and market it to thousands of Chinese and international pharma experts.

Looking to connect with buyers from across the world while showcasing your brand and products? Are you looking at the possibility of entering the Chinese pharmaceutical market, which is the second largest in the world? Sign up to become a supplier member of Pharma sources right away. You get access to the individualized advantages and services available throughout the entire year!

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