What are the benefits of CNC machined parts?

CNC turning is a machining operation that involves clamping a rod or tube of material on a chuck and rotating it while a tool is fed into the work piece to remove material and make the desired shape. “CNC Turning Services” are often the simplest and most cost-effective alternative for cylindrical components such as pins, shafts, spacers, or parts having general rotational properties.

AS PRECISION Provides CNC Milling Services

Since 2005, AS PRECISION has been offering exceptional CNC turning services. We provide strong CNC precision machining capabilities as well as a diverse assortment of CNC lathes that can be set to your precise requirements, no matter how basic or complicated they are. With our extensive knowledge, you will get qualified CNC turned components and excellent service from us in a timely and cost-effective manner.

As PRECISION concentrates on machining services and CNC manufacturing, we provide a variety of CNC machining procedures based on the drawing needs of our clients. Cutting, milling, turning, drilling, grinding, polishing, and so on.

The advantages of utilizing CNC machines over manual lathes

1.Due to the accuracy of the machines that manufacture them, CNC machines can produce components more correctly and faster.

  1. Because of their precision, CNC machines are less prone to harm components.

3.CNC machines are simpler to operate and maintain than manual lathes, and they can be tailored to your precise requirements, making them perfect for high-quality, one-of-a-kind goods.

4.In general, CNC components are less costly than equivalent alternatives, making them a cost-effective solution in many cases.


You may produce unique components for your very accurate and configurable goods by employing CNC milling parts. This is not only an effective technique to make components fast and inexpensively; it is also an excellent approach to distinguish your company from competition. If you’re considering employing CNC milling components in your company, get in touch with AS PRECISION.

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