What Does Sansure Show at Medica 2022

Sansure‘s main product at the exhibition is the portable molecular workstation iPonatic® III, which plays an important role in the medical industry. In addition to this, Sansure also showcased the device’s various detection options to provide efficient health solutions.

Benefits of iPonatic® III

Portable molecular workstations offer clinicians many benefits, such as increased diagnostic speed and accuracy. They can also be more portable and easier to use than traditional workstations. The Sansure Portable Molecular Workstation iPonatic® III on the show is a good example of such a machine. It has many features that make it ideal for clinicians.

One of the main advantages of this machine is its speed. It can quickly and accurately complete complex tests in as little as 45 minutes, meaning patients can be diagnosed sooner. This is especially important in situations where the time between diagnosis and treatment is critical, as in SARS or other diseases where remission or cure may depend on a rapid response. Another advantage of the iPonatic® III is its portability. It is suitable for testing at various points of care, such as in clinical laboratories and even clinics.

Using of iPonatic® III

Additionally, iPonatic® III provides a comprehensive and expandable testing menu that satisfies the testing requirements of various pathogens. The technology, which guarantees an unmatched level of mobility and versatility, finds use in a variety of circumstances, including:

Emergency rooms, fever clinics, remote locations, medical labs, airports, and customs.

Looking for a portable molecular workstation that can help you diagnose diseases? Sansure has the perfect solution! This machine is perfect for laboratories and medicinal institutions, as it offers a quick, accurate diagnosis of various conditions. If you’re looking to expand your lab’s diagnostic capabilities, look no further than Sansure.

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