Mornsun’s Solutions For Getting Power To PV Systems

In terms of power, photovoltaic power systems are generally classified according to their functional and operational requirements, their component configurations, and how the equipment is connected to other power sources and electrical loads. The two principal classifications are grid-connected or utility-interactive systems and stand-alone systems. Photovoltaic systems can be designed to provide DC and AC power service, operate interconnected with or independent of the utility grid and connect with other energy sources and energy storage systems.

In particular, grid-connected or utility-interactive PV systems are designed to operate in parallel with and interconnected with the electric utility grid. The primary component in grid-connected PV systems is the inverter, or power conditioning unit (PCU). The PCU converts the DC power produced by the PV array into AC power consistent with the utility grid’s voltage and power quality requirements and automatically stops supplying power to the grid when the utility grid is not energized.

Stand-alone PV systems are designed to operate independently of the electric utility grid and are generally designed and sized to supply certain DC and AC electrical loads. These systems often use batteries for energy storage. For example, they may be powered by a PV array only or wind, an engine generator, or utility power as an auxiliary power source in a PV-hybrid system.

Regardless of the specific type, PV systems’ stable, continuous operation is mostly possible when their electric circuits include reliable power supplies. Therefore, the power module design of a PV system is one of the most crucial steps to guarantee the long life span of a PV system. Selecting scenario-based power supplies for PV systems is only half of the process. Therefore, it is equally crucial to rely on an experienced power supply solutions provider with comprehensive solutions and full support at every stage of the module selection process.

Power Supply Solutions for PV Systems from Mornsun

With over 23 years of expertise, Mornsun has been picked by many engineers and PV system owners for its power supply solutions’ dependability, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, Mornsun‘s power modules have been utilized for various power projects in various sectors, including PV systems and other components. Please contact us if you want additional information or a sample of our PV power supply systems.

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